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Slope and Distance
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Crop Estimates
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Who We Are

Professionals at keeping up with the rapidly changing world of technology, we keep pace with the latest sUAS platforms, sensors, algorithms and software; combined with being SAFTEY first, FAA licensed pilots and managing all the local (and FAA) required airspace authorizations.  

At VisionAIR, we're driven by a single goal:

Hassle free integration of arial imagery, mapping and data into your farm, job site, quarry or wherever you need to add INSIGHT and improve your VISION.




As ambassadors to a new industry, we take flying safely and legally serious.

The FAA requires any sUAS used for any business purpose to be flown by a licensed part 107 pilot who has passed a TSA background check and has a valid Airman certificate.

VisionAIR is licensed by the FAA to fly commercially under current sUAS regulations. All of our pilots are part 107 licensed commercial sUAS operators. We also have liability insurance, allowing us to work with any and all clientele interested in drone services.


If you've been exploring using a sUAS system as a way to improve your management INSIGHT and VISION, get the big picture, keep track of progress over time, look for variability in your field, inspect a roof, inspect a bridge, inspect a dam, do a site survey, measure stock pile volume, quickly do total field scouting, assess weather related crop damage, or any of the many other ways you can find to use YOUR expertise and YOUR creativity using the data we provide.

Give us a call whether it's a one time look see, multiple planned flights over a season or specific job, a Live Map on the spot or even integrated into your work flow.


No amateur drone equipment at VisionAIR.

Flying a drone with a camera is easy these days.  But, flying the right platform (fixed wing, quad copter, hybrid) with the right sensor (RGB, NIR, Thermal, LIDAR) for the job and being able to deliver usable, actionable data and imagery when you need it is another. 

It's our job to keep the tools up to date, safe and legal so we can provide you with the best information possible.


We strive to capture the highest quality images available. We invest in top-grade sensors and drone technology to ensure we can offer the best content for our clients regardless of the scale of the project. We won’t be happy unless the image we take is exactly what’s going to help you make the right decision.



“Clarify your vision. Plan with precision.”


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Wilsonville, OR, USA



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